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Recently many (many…) people have asked me how to unpublish content in Sitecore. It’s really easy in fact.

Go to the Publish ribbon and select the Change button:


In the dialog, make the item as a whole unpublishable by deselecting the Publishable checkbox:


You will be told by the content editor what to expect:


This item is not publishable, which really means, you can instantiate the publish operation on it, but it will not show on the front-end. So your next step is to actually publish (I know, sounds wrong…) the item and it will disappear from the front-end but remain in the master database.

And there you have it, an easy way to “unpublish” content.

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9 comments on “Unpublish Sitecore Content
  1. Christina says:

    Thank you VERY much for this bit of information. And for all your Sitecore posts in general ♥

  2. Manish kumar agrawal says:

    How can we do the same with code ?

  3. Pankaj Tiwari says:

    Above sample is for restricting publishing but heading is ‘How to unpublish’ means if any item published in web, how could we rollback?

  4. But the item will remain in content Tree right ? Good stuff .

  5. Shafaqat says:

    I can see “This item will never be published because its “Publishable” option is disabled.” warning message but I can’t see second warning message, I did publish but I can still access the page in browser.

  6. Naresh Sadu says:

    Hi Mark,

    A bit confusion here. This post speaks about how to make item publishable/ unpublishable, but I would like to know how to rollback/unpublish the latest changes done to web database?

    for ex: I have created an item called “home”, I publish it for first time, so version-1 is present in web database, again I made some changes to “home” item and published it , now version-2 is present in web database.

    now I would like to see version-1 in web database, rather than not showing it in web database. how to do this?

  7. Mike Chafin says:

    On the Publish Ribbon | click Change | On the versions tab of the dialog | uncheck the version 2 and make sure version 1 is checked.

    The Item will tell you which version will be published at next publish.

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